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Building The Ark
The Amazing Ark Journey.....

The Amazing Ark Journey: It all began with Miller High Life, the catalyst of our incredible story. The Ark of Refuge's founding members turned recycling cans into a fun adventure! Each week, our board members, living in different households, would consume a whopping 50 cans together. At the end of the month, we pooled our cans, recycling over 300 and earning around $50 to $70. Can you believe it?

Hey, Want A Free Hot Meal ?...

Feeding Happiness: The Ark's owner and her friends had experienced homelessness since their teenage years. But they didn't let that stop them. They embraced unity and resourcefulness. After eight years of recycling, we discovered that a whopping 97% of the cans were Miller beers! So, we decided to use the money from recycling Miller cans to buy meat packages for neighborhood barbecues. Every month, we hosted a delightful barbecue at the local park, bringing the entire community together. No one was ever turned away, and we especially welcomed transitional age youth and homeless adults seeking support and guidance.

Is This What Being Rich Tastes Like?

Savoring the Rich Life: Everyone deserves a taste of the High Life, and as we sat on our crates, we dreamed big. For 11 years, we imagined having lights, running water, warmth, and refrigerators—things most people take for granted. The pillars of Miller served as our inspiration when we officially reestablished the Ark of Refuge in 2019, even when our own bellies were empty. To this day, we proudly consider ourselves a Miller family, grateful for the journey.

A Triumph of Resilience: Through life's challenges—domestic violence, childbirth, stalking, a shelter, 197 therapy sessions in 90 days, and a 6-month transitional home—the Owner of The Ark found stability and hope. From that moment, our non-profit was born, fueled by a vow to end suffering. Today, we stand strong, an active and passionate force for positive change in others' lives.

An Active Non-Profit Is Born...
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