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Must Be:

  • Homeless or in Transition or

  • A recipient of SNAP, Medicare, SSI or TANF & show State Benefit Card. 

  • One bag per 3 person household

  • Must be able to lift carry a minimum of 5 lb of food.

  • Must be a resident of the County of distribution location.

  • If under age of 12 Must be accompanied by a person over 18

If requesting a vegetarian or pescatarian bag must register . Without registry adjustment will not be made.


Food Distribution Program 
Child Nutrition   Senior Hunger   Daily Meals   Food Pantry   SNAP Assistance   

The Ark of Refuge is not a 1-dimensional nonprofit. Each program we offer contains up to four (4) sub-services. Our food distribution program's program mission is to end communal hunger as a whole. In order to do that, we address the needs of all age ranges and economic groups. We assist  schools and municipalities in delivering nutritious meals for children, groceries and hot meal for seniors, all while addressing the communities needs through food pantries. The Ark distributes Non-Perishable, Vegetarian and Pescatarian grocery bags!  

Mission Statement
Child Nutrition   Senior Hunger   Daily Meals   Food Pantry   SNAP Assistance

In an effort to end communal hunger we attack the root of the problem for most, which is hunger. Most bad decisions stem from not having adequate nutrition for proper bodily and brain function. The mission of the food distribution program is to provide inner-city communities with a perpetual sustenance program that is nutritious and reliable. We do this through Senior Hunger Diversion Programs , SNAP Application Assistance, Summer Meal Disbursements for Children , Daily Meal Distribution and Hot Meals on holidays.

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