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To apply complete the; Application, Resume, Cover Letter, AND COPY THIS SOLICITATION attach and send via email to Support@TheArkofRefuge.Org.

We are looking for someone to work with a multi-faceted social service non-profit serving and responding to the wide-ranging needs of homeless and low-income families and individuals in the community. The Case Manager is responsible for assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring and advocating for the children in care of The Ark of Refuge, Inc.

The Case Manager’s responsibility includes establishing relationships with the children in order to identify their individual needs, as well as maintaining the documentation for how their needs are being met and monitored on a regular and on-going basis.

Job Responsibilities include:
• Daily engagement with clients requesting services.

• Data Entry for general service information

• Provide information and referrals to clients and consumers.

• Case Management and assistance in providing resources and implementing service plan for clients.

• Reports immediately any suspected incidents of child abuse or neglect to the Program Administrator and the Child Abuse Hotline,

• Reports serious incidents and updates to caseworkers.

• Establishes relationships and communicates with the clients/children, caseworkers/probation officers, family members and staff.

• Identifies and seeks resolution for potential problems arising with all involved parties • Attends agency meetings as required.

• Ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements.

• Support the Program Administrator with program implementation.

• Makes recommendations to Program Administrator for program improvements.

• Creates and maintain current, complete and accurate children files.

• Prepares and submits documentation as required for utilization review by Youth for Tomorrow.

• Coordinates and arranges transportation and staffing for planned outings.

• Develops and implements new training strategies with Program Administrator.

• Participates in staffing meetings as member interdisciplinary team as needed.

• Works with Program Administer in providing community awareness and support for the program.

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