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To apply complete the; Application, Resume, Cover Letter, AND COPY THIS SOLICITATION attach and send via email to Support@TheArkofRefuge.Org.

Job Duties Include:
• Maintain, support, engage, and connect current community organizations;

• Provide ongoing partner support though program consultation; assisting with navigating online resources and providing connections to additional resources.

• Execute virtual and in-person training curriculum and opportunities for volunteer coordinators and other organization partners;

• Manage community organization accounts by maintaining accurate and detailed records; communicating regularly with new and current community organization partners regarding their profile and/or account status; providing partners with appropriate correspondence and online resources; and communicating with Executive Director.

• Use data to strategically support current partners and determine where to direct attention and resources;

• Create complementary handouts and toolkits used during consultation, outreach, and other outside PR;

• Remain apprised of emerging trends and integrate into current work;

• Conduct ongoing evaluation of program effectiveness.

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