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"Hey (Grand)ma, I love you....."
                     " I Love You More, baby."
                               - ATLENA WEST​                                                   


The First Louisianan Registered Field Slave to Run for State Senate of Utah.


May 11th, 1966 - Atlena West, the Chairman of the Central City Community Action Program files for Democratic nomination of State Senator District 4.
December 20, 1935 - November 16, 2011
Walking in the Shoes of Atlena West

Born to the late Pearl and John West in Casabana , Louisiana, Atlena was the youngest of twelve children. Atlena grew up in Frierson, De Soto, Louisiana, United States and graduated from Boldger Pass Training School in 1947. Atlena was born and raised in slavery despite documented efforts to portray freedom. She then moved to Benton, Lousiana with her Sister, Pastor Inez Ashford. Atlena drove cabs in Louisiana for two years then she moved to Salt Lake City, Utah where she worked as a community activist ,later becoming the first black woman to run for State Senate .         

At the time Atlena ran, racism was still thriving. Let us reflect on the 1960's

As a black, single-parent mother Atlena West defied all odds in the best way, at the most controversial time. The cornerstone of Atlena's campaign was the Bologna sandwich. Atlena used her own government-provided cheese to fuel her "American Dream"/
As she would canvass on foot, Atlena passed out brown paper bag lunches. Fully equipped with a slice of government cheese, two pieces of white bread, and mayonnaise, Atlena made sure you were good and full before informed.
Her campaign focused on community development, food distribution programs, and educational support for youth.

Atlena West is The Ark of Refuge's;  Maria Montessori.
For the sacrifices, she bore and her communal contributions, she will forever be remembered through us.


This organization does not accept donations in memoriam. The Ark of refuge is owned and operated by the family of Atlena West.

To make donations in Memoriam  please contact 
Charles West at 2020 Sacramento St Berkeley Ca 94702. This organization operated independently.

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