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Must Be:

  • Homeless, in Transition or

  • A recipient of SNAP, Medicare, SSI or TANF & show State Benefit Card. 

  • Must be a resident of the County of distribution.

  • If under age of 14 must have work permit in order to qualify for employment resource. 

  • If applying for rental assistance must be able to demonstrate ability to sustain living situation such as: Verifiable Job Offer Letter, Recent Check Stubs or Income Verification from Unemployment/SSI/ Government Program. 

Poverty Diversion Program 
Employment Assistance  Rental Assistance  Care Grant  Housing Assistance  

Once we’re successful in helping people get off the streets, the real test begins. If it takes nine months to get someone into housing, it may take twice that long working with them in an apartment environment before they feel fully capable and comfortable with taking care of themselves. Poverty diversion teams will monitor their situations, and help young renters build a life centered around their community. If they need help with furniture, clothes, rental assistance, we provide that. 

Mission Statement
Employment Assistance  Rental Assistance  Care Grant  Housing Assistance  

If the problems starts at home then that's where we begin . The mission of the poverty diversion program is to keep singles and families indoors. We do this by offering various support programs to temporarily alleviate burdens associated with finance. The poverty diversion program offers assistance with rental deposits, first months rent, two-months of back-due rent,  furniture donations, clothing , employment referrals, inclement weather items, weekly grocery deliveries and temporary transitional housing. 


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