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For Labor Day 2020 we were able to successfully distribute 120 meals to encampments, parks , and other well known hot spots for youth. The Ark of Refuge has our boots on the ground to assist in disseminating communal impoverishment.

For 2020 Thanksgiving the Ark of Refuge provided 120 meals consisting of homemade jalapeno mac & cheese, chicken giblet dressing, herbed turkey, honey baked ham, green beans and rolls. In addition we distributed . Hot Hand Warmers, Toothbrushes , Tooth paste , Combs

For Christmas, The Ark of Refuge provided 19 gifts and cooked an eight-course meal for three families with five children each. Dinner consisted of a bowl of oxtail, shrimp, chicken, crab gumbo, white rice, , tri-tip, crab stuffed clams with shrimp, Kale, and Mac & Cheese.

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