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Leslie West Owner and Financial Officer

Triumphing Against All Odds: Before graduating from Berkeley High School, Ms. West embraced a remarkable journey. She served as a Junior aide to Mayor Tom Bates, earned certifications from UC Berkeley's Pre Engineering Course and San Francisco University's Civil Law Program, all while facing homelessness. In 2017, after 11 years, she broke the cycle by entering a DV homeless shelter. During this time, Ms. West excelled as the Executive Administrator for Stanford University's Cancer Institute-Population Sciences, earning 10 certificates in Finance and Regulatory Environments within 60 days. Her achievements under adversity are boundless. 

Edward Levingston Programmatic Director

A Beacon of Strength: Levingston, a dedicated member of the Ark of Refuge since 1992, leads as the program manager for probation and outreach programs. With a background in security spanning a decade, he brings invaluable insight to our new Emergency shelter program, ensuring our vulnerability and risk assessments are top-notch. Raised in Berkeley, California, he gained wisdom from both sides of the law. Levingston's journey includes five years as a carpenter and over a decade as a Captain for SPOA. His security expertise and life triumphs make him an invaluable asset, shaping the structure and moral compass of the Ark of Refuge.

Paul Robertson, Executive Officer and President
Empowering Change: Robertson, a proud Howard University graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Human Development And Psycho-Educational Studies, embarked on his philanthropic journey in 2003. For 13 years, he dedicated himself as a victim advocate at a small non-profit within San Francisco's Hunters Point District. Since 2016, he has been an invaluable member of the Ark, generously extending his philanthropic efforts as a noncompensated officer. Together, we inspire transformation and make a positive impact on lives. 
Charles Adams  Vice President
Vanessa Oliver Treasurer/Acting Secretary 
Champion of Wellbeing: Vanessa, a San Francisco State University graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Cinema, embarked on her philanthropic journey in 2015. As a wellness consultant, she passionately advocates for herbal and organic pharmaceuticals to support psychotherapeutic clients. Today, she runs her own successful wellness firm while pursuing an MBA in Business. As the Ark's Treasurer and Advocate/Counselor, she brings her expertise and positivity to empower those we serve.
Edward Levingston  Voting Member
Leslie West Voting Member
Doris Davis Voting Member
A Legacy of Leadership: With over 30 years as the Director of purchasing for Berkeley Unified School District, Ms. Doris Davis shines bright. A proud graduate of Berkeley High School and Laney College, she holds an associate's degree in finance. Born into a military family of 21 children, she proudly claims the twelfth spot. Her journey is one of resilience and determination, and her contributions are truly remarkable.
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