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Must Be:

  • Age 14 and Above

  • A Victim of Domestic Abuse Homeless or in Transition

  • Able To Explain Circumstance Cause.

  • Must have an acceptable form income verification: Recipient of SNAP/TANF Benefits or; A Recipient of SDI or SSI; Job Termination LetterUnemployment Denial Letter

Care Grant Program 
Disbursement Amount $225.00 Per Applicant  

Due to Covid - 19 the Ark created our own care grant. These funds are disbursed to low-income individuals who are able to demonstrate a need for financial assistance. Applicants are; Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) who are victims of domestic violence,  reported missing persons who come to us for help, transient populations, and members of the community who demonstrate a need for assistance. Applications are accepted beginning in October and Close January. Once received, applications are processed processed during the month of February and awards disbursed as late as mid- April. 


For the year 2020 , Care Grant distributions totaled over $5,000.00. 

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